The Most Recent Interests Of The Health Food Community

By Connor Sullivan

Constantly new crazes become popular that have to do with dietary choices and new miracle edible solutions. A newer trend among in the nutritional world is only eating raw food. People who choose to do a raw food diet do not eat products that are processed or cooked, and typically only eat organic. A lot of vegetarian or vegan individuals are enthusiasts of this fad and many people see it as a choice for personal wellness. Recently habits promoting total natural eating habits have become very trendy. Another popular trend is finding natural replacement for chemical substitutes that have been used in the past. A lot of places are offering natural cane sugar as well as the artificial sweeteners. A number of newer products have had the artificial sweeteners replaced with natural ingredients before the company releases them.

Another recent trend with in the health market is the use of certain fruits because of the craze surrounding antioxidants. Pomegranates became very popular in all sorts of products. Consumers everywhere can now find pomegranate drinks, snacks containing pomegranate or pomegranate flavors, body wash products containing pomegranate, and candles or other home products with pomegranate scents. Another fruit that was virtually unheard of and suddenly became popular is the acai berry. Now it is being used for weight loss and became very popular quite quickly.

When looking at fads surrounding eating healthy, organic products have become quite the popular commodity. Especially concerning meats, knowing about how the animal was raised has become an important concern. Many individuals choose only to buy free range meats, which is to say the animal was not contained, but was able to graze freely. Eating organic in all food, however, has also become quite popular as mentioned above. More companies are creating organic options of existing products to cater to the new market of organic eaters.

One trend that has become more popular especially within the realm of fighting child obesity is technology based fitness activities. With the release of video games consoles that require the player to interact physically, fitness games have been very successful. This also has allowed video game companies to reach new consumer types by creating fitness games that cover an number of interests including yoga, snowboarding, dancing, basketball, archery, and many others. It can become an expensive investment to purchase the game system, equipment, and games, they seem to be quite popular especially, but not exclusively, among youth.

In the fitness world, companies are starting to release more creative options. The aerobics tapes from the 80's and 90's are being replaced by more modern workout options, specifically involving dance. A lot of individuals are more motivated to work out by videos and classes that involve cardio workouts put to music and using dance steps. Similarly to the use of technology in fitness, designing new options instead of the typical cardio workouts results in more individuals are willing to invest time and money into these products than the somewhat outdated types of fitness. - 31836

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